Giuliani (Genio Diligence): Digital Transformation is driving the Antifraud role in credit market at another level

According to the Assofin 2022 Observatory, the first nine months of 2022 recorded roughly 29 billion in mortgage value disbursed for a total of 214,000 contracts. In comparison with the first 9 months of 2021, there was a decrease of approximately –13.9%. A reduction which can be explained by the introduction of prudential rules that have increased the selectivity to access a mortgage, bringing financial institutions are paying more attention to the quality of the credit portfolio.

An evolving scenario we wanted to better understand together with Daniele Giuliani, CEO at Genio Diligence, who explained us what is today the state of the art of this sector – which is also helped from the adoption of new technologies –, showing also the potentiality and opportunities offered by a new way of delivering financial services through innovative and tailor made solutions.

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